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Refurbished Office Furniture

If you appreciate the low cost of used furniture but you want your office to look and feel brand new, refurbished office furniture is an excellent option. The method of refurbishing includes taking existing furniture, be it an oak bookcase or an office cubicle, and replacing, refinishing, or remanufacturing entire sections of that piece of furniture that may be worn out. In this way, used office furniture is given a fresh start, and not only looks brand new but is also reinforced by strong materials and built to last longer. Creating and buying refurbished office furniture is an essentially “green” process that utilizes existing structures and makes them functional without reverting to new materials that will further strain the planet’s resources.

Those who specialize in refurbished office furniture will look over every aspect of the piece and replace anything that is not in pristine condition. At ROF, we use environmentally friendly materials and products for refurbished office furniture, such as Terratex fabric, which is a recycled material. We also use powder coating to repaint our refurbished office furniture, and this both prevents material from being wasted and provides a durable, long-lasting topcoat to protect the refurbished office furniture.

The refurbished office furniture we produce is carefully inspected before and after the process to make absolutely sure that you’re receiving the most beautiful and highest quality product available, with no visible or hidden flaws. Our dedication to customer service and vast inventory of high-quality refurbished office furniture like discount office chairs, executive furniture, black office furniture, and reception desks means you’ll get exactly what you need and want for your offices in Tampa, Clearwater, Orlando, throughout the state of Florida, and nationwide.